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How to Start Your Own Kid’s Adventure Service Business

You can start this business up, with virtually the lint in your pockets! That could be the first thing kids learn about! If you do some research beforehand, on lint. That was just an example. Lots of moms and dads, have little kids running around the house, each, and every day, complaining that they are bored, or there is nothing to do.

You could start fill this niche, buy making up your own schedule, and coming up with things to keep kids busy, especially during the summer time, and you can charge, a weekly, or monthly fee to the parents, and offer them your kid’s adventure service, or kid’s camp, for one, two or 3 hours, once a week, and you can plan projects, that the kids will like!

One time, asks the kids what kinds of adventures they would like! You could do simple things, that kids like to do together, for example, you could wash the dog, plant a tree, play Frisbee tag, go fishing, do face paintings, fly some kites, or anything else kids kid’s would love to do together, because really you are bringing kids together, to be with other kids, and have fun, so the task at hand, is important, but you will get a lot more out of this business, than you think! All the kids will look forward to your class adventure, for each week!

Make it hands on, so kids have fun, and you will have little customers, and the word will be out on you, that you’re the fun place to be! You could set up a different location for a group of kids, and once each week, you do the same thing over, but with a different group of paying kids, and then the next week, you come up with your new adventure agenda. You could put out a monthly, or bi-monthly flier, that lists your prices, and what you will be doing in the weeks ahead, and all the kids will want their parents to sign them up!

It is just like babysitting, but only better, because you will get paid lots more! You could advertise your service at local schools, churches, and other places. You could even make a difference in some young kids’ lives, that might otherwise, end up in the streets, so your business is really a necessity to some parents, especially working parents!


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