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Are kids these days getting bored?

Are kids these days getting bored? Is the real world moving too fast and causing them to lose focus? In our daily lives, we have lots of projects to get done and deadlines to meet. There’s a rush to get your children to practice and there’s birthday parties to plan or attend. Even getting your child to school can be a rush. A child’s life is affected by all the things going on in our lives and theirs as well. It’s no wonder that they can’t pay attention or get bored easily. They are also affected by the school, toys, video games and TV that they watch. With the loss of focus and detail because of everything going on around them, can we use educational toys to help gain that focus back?

Can toys bring focus and a sense of accomplishment to a child? Of course they can! Toys can teach a child to slow down and follow through with the goal. Puzzles are a great example because children have to slow down, match like pieces and connect the pieces together. How about construction toys? Building with blocks and other shapes takes time and patience to construct a tower, castle or even a rocket ship to go to the moon. Even art can help children to focus by using a slow and steady hand to make that next great work of art.

All children learn in different ways and at different paces. But there are general skill areas that are more ideal for one age than for another. On the following links, you can find information for each age along with key developmental categories and product recommendations for each. Keep in mind that good, quality products will carry over from skill to skill and age to age; our recommendations are for a general range.