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7 Unforgettable Kid-Friendly Adventures in Italy

Marmara Falls
After city sightseeing, Marmara Falls provides great adventure outdoors for the kids. Located in Umbria about 100 km. from Rome, the falls consist of 3 major cascades dropping 165m. Stroll down the paths which closely skirt the falls where at times, you’ll be sprayed by the falls’ natural mist. Climb to the top where the lovely manicured gardens with stunning cupolas await you or take the kids on a leisurly rafting expedition in the Nera River below the falls. Tubing, donkey rides, biking and climbing are among the other activities offered in this area.

Chocolate, Truffles and More
Kids will love a day in Perugina’s school of chocolate learning to make delectable chocolates and desserts. And even the youngest family members will thrill to the idea of preparing their own pizza or ravioli with a local chef. Or, head to the woods with a guide and dog to sniff out truffles. Any or all of these adventures are experiences no youngster will forget!

Bring that Creative Side into Play
Deruta, the capital of Italian ceramics since the Renaissance, is the place to bring out the artist in your child. A ceramics workshop is a great activity for the entire family and a time to “chill out” between heavy adventure. The many ceramics on display here will only enhance the adventure!

Explore Lucca Atop the Walls
Lucca, enclosed by ramparts, is a magical place for youngsters and teens. The town’s encompassing walls are wide enough for biking and strolling atop. Exploring this historical center with its visual treats from a position above is what it’s all about for kids. Small bikes and wagons can easily be rented here to enhance the adventure.

Take Tuscany’s Nature Train
A great id-friendly adventure is the Treno Natura, Tuscany’s Nature Train. This is one of the best ways to see Tuscany without the hassle of driving the regions winding hill roads. A relic of times gone by, the Nature Train takes you back to a time of steam locomotives and carriage cars.

Riding the train is a relaxing experience, with ample opportunities to sit back and watch Tuscany’s natural beauty glide by. Crossing Siena, Asciano, and Monte Antico, the train runs several times a day on a once- abandoned circuit. Stopping frequently at small towns and hamlets along the way, passengers have the option of hopping off and later back on to the train. Walking and biking along the same route will lead to natural wooded areas and even to local homes where home-cooked dishes and local specialties such as sheep’s cheese can be had.

Climb the Duomo in Florence
The highlight of a trip to Florence for youngsters will undoubtedly be the climb to the top of the Duomo in the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. The challenge of climbing the over 460 steps up to the top in thecurcular, dark and narrow stairway will appeal to youngsters, making it quite an adventure. The view of Florence and the surrounding environs is spectacular. An added delight is the sight up-close of the dome’s frescoed ceiling above.

Off-the-Beaten-Path in Rome
Ostia Antica, Rome’s ancient port, an easy 30 minute ride from the city, is a great alternative to Pompeii, especially with kids. Here you’ll find amphitheaters, bath houses, apartment complexes and even Europe’s oldest synagogue. The open-air atmosphere in a contained area gives kids the opportunity to wander around without limits. On your return, stop to take a dip in the sea or enjoy a snack at one of many eatieries on the shore.

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